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Jumaat, Oktober 05, 2012

Learn English the Easy Way

Assalamualaikum and Hi my dearest friends.

Today, I'd like to share an effective and successful way to learn and enhance your English Language.

All you need for this program is your mobile phone, computer and internet. It only costs RM20/month. It is so affordable and for those of you who want to improve your English all you have to is to call me at 014 2306742. For further information you can go here.

It would be great to have you on board this program.

Rabu, Oktober 03, 2012


Hi dear blog and happy evening...

I don't know what to write in here but feel like to say something. My best friend already warded at Selayang hospital to deliver her baby. The contraction 10 - 15minutes. Hope she and baby will be fine.

My internship just one more week left. I'm happy here. Can learn a lot of things but don't have allowance. And I don't want to burden my sister. She has responsibility.

23rd Oct 2012 - my convocation day. =)


Isnin, September 24, 2012

Intern and final sem result


Hi and happy good afternoon..

Actually, I want to remove this blog coz i don't have much time to update the blog through the length of 2012 but when think again I love my blog. So much things I write down in blog so I decide I will come back to blogging again since I at the new place and learn something important. truth I have computer and internet to blogging. kuikui...(teruk la u kiki, slh guna kemudahan).

I attend the intern program at Kelana Jaya under KPT for the 3 month. Which is to 'asah bakat' my skills in communication, P.R, and others. I'm just starting today however I have learn so many things include my confident to speaking and writing in English. Okay, close case about the intern. Tomorrow, if I have leisure time I will blogging again.

Now, my dear blog

I want to share my excitement about my result for the final semester. I got 3.82. Can U believe it??? Truthfully, I can't believe it when my sister told me that I dean for final sem. huhuhu...but unfortunately, I only got 2.8 for the CGPA. Very low right. I told myself never mind as long as I can further my study it not harm to me. 

I think I should leave blogging for a mean time. It time to go back. Hooray.... daaaa I will continue this again.